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5 Ways to Evaluate Your Existing Social Media and Digital Services

We know there is a good chance you already have an in-house marketing team, freelancer, or agency in place. However, do you know if their strategy, tactics, and services are truly helping your business? It’s important to continually assess their performance and knowledge to be sure you are working with someone who is a social media practitioner and not a headline reader.

Below we’ve outlined five ways to evaluate your current marketer’s performance.

1.) Are they trying (or proposing) something new?

They should be challenging your organization’s current digital marketing strategy, often. Meaning, they should be testing a variety of methods, audiences, and campaigns for paid distribution through Facebook ads,  exploring influencer or ambassador marketing, and trying a new form of media (i.e. audio, video, written word, animated graphics, etc.)

2. Are they testing and incorporating video?

Video and animated content has a 135% greater organic reach than photos. Video is on the rise, just take a look at one of your newsfeeds on Twitter, Instagram, or Twitter and you’ll see a majority of posts have some sort of video or animated content. Your team needs to be experimenting with video - live video, point of view, talking head, interviews, with a phone, with a DSLR, produced short form vs long form, etc. - and uploading the content to different platforms.

3.) Does your marketing professional use social media daily for their own personal or professional branding?

Your existing social media marketer needs to be using social media daily for their personal or professional brand to understand the nuances, weekly updates, the trends, and how social media content is consumed. More importantly, they should be using these tactics first hand and understand what type of creative and distribution works best on each platform.

4.) Are you creating as many opportunities to tell your story, get noticed, and connect with your community?

A lot of social media marketers that want more followers or engagement are not posting enough. This doesn’t mean to spam your community with useless content, this means to creatively find ways to tell your story, share content that adds value, and distribute curated content relevant to your audience’s interest.

Here is how you can evaluate if you are posting enough:

Facebook-at least 10-15 posts a week

Twitter-5-10 tweets a day and @repllies (conversations with other)

Instagram-1-3 times a day

5.) Have you evaluated your team on one of the following topics or indicators?

In the past 90-120 days you or your marketing team should conduct a social media audit, report, or look at analytics across the platforms you use. The audit could be analytical looking at engagement rates, follower growth, reach, or impressions. Alternatively, the audit should be subjective as well. Look at a variety of posts (i.e. articles, videos, images, etc.) and determine if it was the creative, media type, timing, relevancy, or post copy that worked. Screenshot and share those examples and find the formula that worked to try and replicate for the next 30-90 days.

For more tips, advice, and resources on all levels of social media assistance, download our free social media services guide here.