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The 5 Things to Look for When Working with a Videographer

Below is a short video we made while filming at American University. There is more to look for when recruiting, hiring, and working with a video team, let alone any creative professional. It's the details, the intangibles. Sure they can have the most expensive and latest gear, they can claim their edits are the best or fastest. But how will they represent your organization, how will they interact with your partners and key stakeholders, and will they be professional from beginning to end? 

Here are the 5 intangibles to look for when working with a video team. This is our approach and several other nuances not included on this project but the details and building a relationship are what we strive for, then the story. Enjoy. 

When you work with a creative agency or freelance videographer, you get what you pay for. There is more than just the final video and camera gear that set an average creative professional from a high-quality professional. Here are 5 things you should know and look for when working with your next creative professional.