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Video & Storytelling in Washington D.C. & Beyond

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Our Belief

Today, anyone can manage a social media account, create content, and distribute their message. However, it takes commitment, creativity, passion, and strategy to standout and get results.

Why is this important?

Because today, our society hates the hard sell.

This generation wants to grow and connect with an organization – whether that is a higher education institution's alumni viewing a video for an annual campaign, a non-profit organization's social media campaign to get more donations or a startup’s digital story to pitch to an investor. They want transparency, daily content that is valuable and engages them. Digital storytelling - video, photo, audio, written word- is now the life blood of the relationship between customer and organization.

OUR approach


Your organization is unique, therefore your story is different. Whether you’re part of a higher education institution, nonprofit or startup, with FYN, you won't find packages or cookie-cutter marketing "solutions".

What you will find:

A creative digital marketing service that partners with you to inject your personality into your brand’s digital voice while creating compelling, custom content that connects with your niche audience.


It's what sets you apart. 

From videography production, to high quality photography, all the way to content creation and social media strategy, we have the tools, skills, and tactics required to provide you with just the right content to achieve your goals while remaining on budget.

We believe in delivering creative digital marketing content that is professional but not so overproduced that it will not connect with your audience.


Instagram stories, Snapchat, Medium, YouTube, Facebook ads - you name it, you have plenty of options to distribute your content and amplify your message. But it can be overwhelming and if you don't have a strategy to reach your audience,  Nonprofits need donations, higher education institutions rely on endowment and startups need investors.

That's where FYN's specialty comes in: our job isn't finished until your story reaches your followers on the right platform and with the right distribution strategy.


What Our Clients are saying:

FYN listened to what we needed and was extremely responsive. We got some beautiful photos that captured the energy and diversity of our conference activities and participants.
— Jennifer Jackson, Senior Program Officer - Venturewell
From the initial brainstorming meeting, I knew this was going to be a fun project. Our team and donors loved the video. We even garnered an additional 500 followers from their campaign. I can’t wait to work with Kevin and the FYN team again.
— Joanna Platt, Associate Director - American University
We spent two super, useful strategy sessions with FYN who helped us prepare our digital voice for our upcoming launch.
— Andrea Honis, Founder - CircusTalk