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The Official Social Media Recap Show-Episode 3

On this week's episode, I focus on the newest, and in my opinion, coolest update to Instagram stories.

You can now tag an account in your Instagram story and it will allow anyone watching to click on it and be brought to your account.

This feature will help consumers discover new accounts and help businesses grow their followers. This will definitely give Instagram a leg up over Snapchat in regards to stories.

In the episode I talk about how to apply this to your own account in terms of content creation or showing the different aspects of your organization. This new feature could really be a game changer in regards to gaining followers and engagement. 

Leave a comment about how you took advantage of Instagram's new update and if you have any suggestions for next week's episode!

The Official Social Media Recap Show-Episode 2

Check out Episode 2 of the Official Social Media Recap Show for this week’s dose of digital updates and social media trends! We talked about the latest installment in the battle between Instagram and Snapchat stories as well as how hypertargeting can help you to make the most of your budget when marketing.