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Instagram Tactics to Grow Your Small Business-Tip 1: More Posts=More Followers

A tight budget.

Small business owners, you’re probably familiar with the restraints that come with these three words. A common dilemma you and your business may face is how to get your message seen by as many people as possible by spending as little money as possible, right?             

If you’re a visual-based company, anything from food and beverage to clothing, Instagram is the perfect platform to help you get your business noticed. With over 400 million active daily users and 4.2 billion daily likes, there is no sign of the app slowing down anytime soon.

FYN Creative has a variety of tips to help you make the most of your Instagram account to market your brand, grow your business, and make sure your product or service is being heard, even with the smallest budget.

Tip 1: More “quality” posting equals more followers.

In order to get the results you desire, first, make sure you’re posting enough. A common expectation I hear from clients is that they want to grow their followers or increase engagement. Then when I look at their frequency of posting, amount of content, and times they are sharing that content, it doesn't add up.

In order to get more traffic, grow your reach, and ultimately create momentum to increase the bottom line, you need to share often. I advise, no I challenge you, to post a minimum of three times a day, about 18-21 pieces of content per week. Yes, you're thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot!”

Do us a favor: try this for 30 days.

How do I create 20 pieces of content a week, you ask?

If you’re feeling stuck for content or what to post, you could think about the journey of running a small business in your particular city, or connections you might have to other small businesses in the area - document daily encounters.

You could tap into the “behind the scenes” of your organization, whether it be showing before and after shots, renovations, or teasers of new products to come.

You can feature a picture of your employees and share a short story about them. If you have 5 employees, that's five pieces of content. One better, if your employees are good with social media, you could let them take over the account and do a day in the life.

Consider implementing a quick, 60 second video into your weekly postings. It can be anything from a tour of your office or storefront, interview with an employee, or a quick tip and piece of advice. It’ll increase your personability and help you to directly engage with your followers.

If you’re struggling to create enough content or don't have enough time, this is where you should hire outside help to further develop and capture content.

Looking for more tips? Download our free, full guide of updated Instagram tactics that will help grow your small business by clicking here