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Instagram Tactics to Grow Your Small Business-Tip 2: Utilize Geotag Searching

As a continuation from the previous post on our first Instagram tactic, we’re sharing the next tip from our guide, 5 Instagram Tactics to Grow Your Small Business.

Tip 2: Utilize geotag searching.                      

Geotagging enables you to search posts that are tagged in a specific area. Come up with a minimum of ten geotag locations within a 10-20 mile radius and explore posts and users within the scope of your location three times a week (1-2 hours of work and engagement can go a long way).

Simply reach out and engage with people in the area, whether it be congratulating them on a big event or liking their activity in your area. Make sure that your interaction is completely personal and not necessarily marketing or promotional based in order to avoid turning off potential customers. If you are going to go in the for "right-hook", make sure that your call to action and message are as human and personal as possible.

Set yourself apart from competitors by not limiting yourself to only engaging with people who tag your account. By opening up your geotag search, you open your small business up to a bigger audience.

On the explore tab, click on ‘Places’ and then search your city. Take Alexandria, Virginia as an example. After searching for the city, a list of nearby locations will come up. As a small business owner I could then reached out to people in Belle Haven, Del Ray, and Franconia. After clicking on a location, a list of top and most recent posts come up, allowing you to look through a large array of Instagram users in the area.

Looking for more tips? Download our free, full guide of updated Instagram tactics that will help grow your small business by clicking here.