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Videographer/Video Editor

As many of you know I run a boutique and growing digital storytelling agency in Washington, D.C. called FYN Creative is growing. I started this by myself in 2014 and in less than 3 years we have built a client list and reputation of creating high impact and compelling video assets alongside digital storytelling trainings in the education, non-profit, and startup space.

2018 was a milestone year in particular.

We added new clients like Leadership Greater Washington, Metropolitan Councils of Government, and Unacast and created over 25 high-impact digital assets.

2019 is already jam-packed with client facing work for Q1.

That's where you come in.

You would be a creator that is a Swiss-army knife in video. Meaning, you can be client facing, shoot on 4k cameras, and know how to edit/splice/trim/add effects to produce a polished video clients love.

We currently have myself as the director/creative/producer and two talented videographers and editors.

Ideally, you have very sound practice and experience in video editing, graphics, after effects, and the ability to synthesize a lot of footage into one succinct theme. You really need to have a love for storytelling.

You will see below that pay starts at $20/hour. Depending on your experience, equipment, and ability to work with our clients, your rate will fluctuate. Our video interns and contractors have started at $10/hr as a production assistant and have made over $100/hr for larger projects.

Requirements and experience:

  • Adobe Premiere

  • After effects (or willing to be trained)

  • 4k Cameras such as Canon 5DmIV, Sony A7iii, C200

  • Worked on client-facing work

  • Ideally have access to equipment or know how to operate (audio, lighting, camera, grip)

  • Must meet deadlines

  • Over communicate

  • Have a dynamic personality

  • Enthusiasm to learn from an entrepreneur and storyteller with 15+ years experience

  • Washington, DC Metro based. If you are an outstanding editor and remote, we’d consider you.

We are not hiring based on number of years of experience. We are hiring for videographers that understand the 2019 style of video, editing, and can under promise but over deliver to clients.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is looking to build their portfolio, freelance, or start from the bottom and create a job with FYN Creative.

We are moving fast and will most likely make an offer before December 20th so apply now. If you are reading this in 2019, still apply. If you want to get noticed, track me down and send me a separate email or message with your portfolio.

We'd be the lucky ones to meet you if you have the creative chops to fill this role.

Email your portfolio and why you want this job below. Subject line: 2019 FYN Video Job