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In 2014, there were just 1 billion video views on Facebook per day. A year later, that number has grown to a staggering 8 billion daily video views and growing.
— WeRsm, 4.11.16

Now more than ever, video is so important to your digital strategy. FYN specializes in finding the story that will connect with your audience.

No matter your video need or budget, we will put our creative minds together with your organization and showcase your story. 

*Pricing starts at $995. Average client budget we've worked with to produce high quality videos: $2,250-$5,500.


Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.
— KissMetrics, August 2015

Our pictures stand out and tell a story during and well after your next event, conference, or launch. If you need your products shots, team headshots, or imagery for Instagram or your upcoming campaign professionally captured, our creative eye is just what you need. 

*Pricing starts at: $500. Average client budget we've worked with to photograph events, products, or businesses: $1,500-$3,250.

85% of Facebook’s audience connects via mobile phones of which 83% access it via smartphones.
It is fair to say that a mobile phone is now the main way people access connected services including the internet. What this means is that there is a shift in way people access and consume information and content.
— Sprout Worth

Are you looking for high-quality content that engages your fan base, grows your community, and increase your bottom line?


We work with organizations in the association, education, and non-profit space as well as small to mid-size businesses that are looking to increase their social media presence and break through the noise.

The best way to build brand loyalty, grow your community, and increase analytics that drive your everyday business objective, the key is building a deep relationship with your customers. This strategy takes effort and time and that's where we come in to help you. Below is a small sample of successful engagements we have had for our clients. 

If your organization likes to keep marketing in-house while keeping your content organic or if you are just getting established with your marketing, FYN Creative has you covered. From trainings to campaigns to short-term or long-term strategy and consulting we can meet your needs. Our social media mentality is "teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" because you know your business and no agency can be there day in and day out to tell your story.

Pricing starts at $500/month. Average client spend (not included paid distribution budget) for consulting, strategy, and content creation: $1,975/month to $4,025/month. 

Workshops: half day $800, full-day $1,250. 

Keynote and featured talks: $2,125 plus travel from Washington, D.C.