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OUR Story

Here’s what we want you to know about FYN Creative: when you think of the real-time, ever-changing digital landscape and how one should be using these tools to grow their brand, you think of us. 

Find Your Niche Creative was started by Kevin O’Connell, after he built his knowledge and hands-on experience with digital media after working for eight years in the higher education setting, most recently at Rutgers University. In conjunction with a marketing and leadership background, Kevin is predominately self-taught and self-made learning the intricacies of each social media platform - from the both the marketer and consumer side - to the technical and creative needs of photography, videography and organic and paid media. Annually, Kevin speaks to a variety of audiences and writes for Socialnomics and Social Media Monthly on digital storytelling best practices and social media trends.

We understand audiences, the best distribution practices for a variety of budgets and business goals, and the everyday nuances of each social media platform. Because FYN Creative has worked with change agents in the non-profit space, passionate and hardworking small business owners, and world renowned companies in a variety of sectors, we have a wide perspective. We understand how social media content and campaigns behave and how audiences consume a different messages in a variety of industries. Most importantly, we know what behaviors and types of content that will resonate with each target audience(s) we help define for our clients. Regardless of budget, we understand how to maximize ROI.  

We have a small but dynamic team of videographers, social media practitioners, and interns that make up a variety of our services including: 

- Consulting and strategy development
- Community management and execution
- Content creation: 
- Photography - product, event, social media, and behind the business
- Videography - social video, documentary, event, how-to’s, and behind the business
- Paid media
- Campaigns

We have the resources and knowledge to create compelling content while remaining nimble to pivot on the market changes or client’s needs. If you work with us, we will work together to intimately understand your objectives, your target audience(s), and deploy the creativity and execution expertise to take your business to the next level. 



Founder, Creative Director

Kevin is a multi-passionate entrepreneur: digital storyteller, speaker, author, and founder of FYN Creative and The Niche Movement.  

He has more than 10 years experience designing career and leadership development strategies for students and young professionals entering the 21st century workforce. His passion is to end employment unhappiness for this generation. The Niche Movement has 25+ contributing editors and has spread through Kevin’s and his teams keynotes and mentorships at several organizations including Rutgers University, Stevens Institute of Technology, APCO WorldWide, American Disabilities Association, and Penn State University.

When Kevin is not launching new initiatives for The Niche Movement, his day job is running this, FYN Creative. Kevin and his agency create compelling content, develop social media strategies, and capture dynamic stories through photo and video.

In his own words:

"I have an obsession with anything golf and creating the perfect Spotify playlist. Also, I'm a foodie and I never turn down mac n' cheese. Apart from helping young people find the work they love and helping businesses who are passionate about what they do, tell their story, you can find me on the weekends on adventures around DC with my wife Courtney or taking my dog Luke to the dog park #blacklabsofinstagram.

Connect with Kevin on Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram: @koco83 - kevin@kevin-oconnell.com  




Videographer & Content Creator

I am a videographer and digital creator in the Washington, DC area. My primary focus is producing promotional, marketing-based work and documentary, interview-style projects.

After being self-taught for several years, I spent two years at Fairfax Academy for Professional Television Production. There I was able to learn about production company workflow and the studio environment while furthering my professional experience.

I now have been doing freelance videography for the past 3 year - the last of which I have spent with The Niche Movement and FYN Creative.

Follow me on Instagram @danielbonner or visit my website.



mandi stewart_instagram_california_chloe&isabel

Instagram Magician & Community Manager Extraordinar

Hi there! I'm a big fan of snail mail, coffee, Bruce Springsteen, and early mornings. After college at Iowa State University and 2 years as an #SAgrad at Western Illinois University, I landed in Bloomington, IL but not for long as I am not headed to start a new journey in Fresno, California where I will be harnessing my social media skills and passion for community. I believe that social media can bring people together and I do my most creative thinking on long runs. I love almond butter that comes in individual packets and reading the posts from the contributing editors for TNM blog! I don't go anywhere without my planner and I always have at least 5 to-do lists going at once #hustle.

Let's connect on Twitter/Instagram @mandijstewart or visit my website




Videographer & Video Gear Nut

My name is Poll and I love filmmaking and storytelling. I believe that every individual has an incredible story to tell and my job is to find the story and use the tools to be deliver emotions and a message that lives with each story. Oh yea, and I never pass up a happy hour, love meeting new people, and always up for talking about the latest camera gear. #teamSony Cheers!